Hi world, here is a project that we have worked on recently for an eco smart apartment complex. The idea concept is inspired by the Tulip flower, the founders African/Asian heritage and Art Deco patterns.

The overall goal was to create a timeless, modern, and elegant brand that produces high-quality service with economical smart technology.

I am very happy to see the business launch soon and for the apartments to become available in 2023. If you would like to work together and create a unique brand please get in-touch here.

Eon Graphics is based in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom and we work with clients from all around the globe producing on going artwork for projects large and small.

The benefit of using our graphic design service, is the level of expertise that you get from us. Eon Graphic designers will be able to offer more creative ideas because we have more experience than someone who has only worked in-house, which means that your project will come out looking better as well!

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